In order to avoid hassle and arguments, for ex. with banks, property developers, and craftsmen, detailed contracts and timely controls are important and absolutely necessary.

For those buying ready to use, a choice exists among several partners:

The property developer develops the property at his own expense and sells it; the general contractor sells the ready to use property, without performing any construction work, employing a subcontractor instead; the general contractor offers a ready to use property and performs a portion of the construction work.


Fine differences with significant consequences!

Additional trends: ready-made homes

In such cases, the building owner has an obligation to take utmost care with regards to soil and ground assessments, as a ready-made home has nothing to do with the surrounding property itself.
Moreover, a different set of rules govern the closing of a contract than with usual purchases.  In such cases the building owner does not negotiate a buying contract, but a service contract.

Whether with regards to supporting consultations or to technical contributions- our actions take the weight off your shoulders considerably and, in doing so, allow you to avoid stress, resulting defect damage, and the financial risks involved in exceeding estimates.


Quelle: BSB e.V.